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Secretarial support services


For any organized business setup, a secretarial staff has a crucial role to play. However, with increased caseloads and multiple responsibilities to be juggled, certain essential tasks can be overlooked. Datascribe provides law firms and departments with secretarial support services to help lighten the load and manage daily documenting, drafting, and other responsibilities more effectively.

The timely completion of secretarial tasks plays an important role in determining the efficiency of the overall business. With our secretarial support services, attorneys and paralegals at firms can go a long way in streamlining the process of attending to their vast plethora of legal responsibilities.

Datascribe’s team consists of 20 legal secretaries that can offer support to the existing structure, including important tasks such as scheduling depositions and meetings with clients.

We offer the following Service

  • Document Processing services including transcription, Document Conversion and Formatting, Word Processing, and Document Production
  • Case Entry/Intake services involve organizing and indexing files or records in Case Management Software/Tools
  • Billing and Vendor Bill Entry services
  • Data Entry Services including Word and Spreadsheet entry and data management
  • Database Updation services include creating updates on clients, cases, verdicts, and other data.

Process cases faster and enhances the legal workflow in your department or firm!

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