Support Services

Support Services


With increased corporate agreements, violations, financial transactions, IT thefts, and heightened human interactions, the need for a good litigation support system has increased. But no one can reject the fact that the cost of accessing those services has also increased exponentially. Many firms and individuals are able to identify ways to get litigation support services at the cheapest rates.

Datascribe is your destination where our trusted legal support team works on your legal documents delivering superlative results at a high rate of speed. As your overseas partners, we will be working on your crucial data, enabling your businesses to run smoothly. Get e-discovery services from an expert and secure your legal data, cost-effectively.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • First level review (relevance and privilege)
  • Nuanced review (issues-based)
  • Chronologies
  • Identification of gaps in disclosure
  • Witness statements
  • Evidence packs (collation and bundling)
  • Objective coding for indexing of key information as per client specification
  • In-text coding and indexing of information
  • Scanning (onshore)
  • Logical document unionization
  • Load file creation
  • Training (coding manual and specifications)
  • Web-based coding/online data capture

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