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When looking to outsource work, clients are often intimidated by lengthy processes and an unclear structure. Some of the biggest concerns that most clients in the legal industry have is concerning the integrity of the data shared with their partnering legal process outsourcing firm, the approach adopted by the firm to complete assigned tasks within a given timeframe, and whether the firm has the resources and expertise needed to effectively handle legal projects.

Datascribe follows a streamlined process for handling all projects, regardless of their size. From ensuring the security of our client’s data to providing timely delivery of tasks and cost-effective services, we aim to help you every step of the way.

Here's How We Work

  • Our team member gets in touch with you and requests for details of your project.
  • Next, we look into your requirements, perform a thorough analysis and provide you a ballpark estimate for our services.
  • Once we have received your approval, our team of qualified legal professionals get to work!

While this was just an overview to help you understand our process in the easiest way possible. There is a lot that goes on behind the curtains.

Keeping our promise to offer you 100% transparency, here’s an example of how our team handles medical summaries:

  • Step 1


    Our team member analyzes records.

  • Step 2


    Next we perform indexing.

  • Step 3


    An abstraction is performed to identify key information.

  • Step 4


    Our experts prepare a detailed summary with chronology.

  • Step 5


    We hyperlink the work, create a synopsis and establish a timeline.

  • Step 6


    After going through support documents such as medical bills, a summary is prepared.

  • Step 7


    We create and manage nursing records.

  • Step 8


    For any missing information, a request for retrieval of the records is made.

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