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Acting as a legal expert in regards to immigration support services, there are many challenges that arise, including effective communication with clients, petition drafting, and other various factors.

As a leading legal services solutions provider, Datascribe is invested in offering law firms and corporate legal departments with the immigration support they need to enhance their productivity and give them an edge over their competitors, while also being cost-effective.

Our team of paralegals, attorneys, and secretarial support has been focused on providing both onsite and offshore services to our clients, upholding a high standard of quality in every task that is carried out, while also establishing a consistent trend of accuracy and efficiency in every project.

With the ease of global mobility in current times, there is a mass influx of legal immigration documentation and cases that require effective management. There are many legal technicalities as well as rules and regulations to be considered, with high volume data that needs to be processed as accurately as possible in a time-sensitive environment.

We offer 24 hour docketing services to complete tasks while also minimizing any risks, all without the need for any client supervision. To ensure that the immigration support services we provide are meeting expectations and maintaining a consistent standard of quality, we also ensure that periodic reports are made, and reminders are set to ensure your deadlines are met without a hitch.

The Immigration Support Services We Offer:

  • Non Immigrant Visas – H-1B and 4, H3, B1, B2, E1, J1, L1, TN, E3
  • Canadian work permits and family petitions
  • Immigrant Visas – Fiancé and Marriage Visa, PERM Applications, I-130, I-131, I-140, I-485, I-765
  • Administrative services
  • Docketing
  • Immigration Software Mapping
  • I-9 compliance audits
  • Immigration Newsletters
  • Research

We are particularly well-established in terms of managing H1 B Visa CAP rush, and this is done as swiftly and accurately as possible, taking care of all services such as docketing, visa, work permits, newsletter, and more.

What’s great about the immigration support services at Datascribe is the fact that we ensure profitability for legal organizations by offering cost-effective solutions, with all of our processes being designed in a way that ensures smooth management.

For more details on immigration support services, get in touch with us at

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