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Medical records screening


Datascribe brings you access to world-renowned medical experts that have been hand-picked on the basis of their qualifications and expertise in medical records screening.

Our medical experts evaluate the merit, liability, and standard of care deviations and offer consultancy and opinion services regarding medical malpractice or medical negligence by healthcare providers.

Supported by the experience of our team members in both medicine and law, we exercise the ability to take on cases of any nature and provide an opinion on whether it is something worth pursuing in court. Working in your best interests, we not only determine the viability of the case in question but make our way towards a conclusion.

Medical experts’ consultancy and opinion services at Datascribe focus on evaluating each case with careful focus and attention and produce written affidavits and reports to validate the merit of a case; when required.

Your search for medico-legal services ends with us.

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