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Paralegal Support Services


Datascribe offers you affordable paralegal support services, allowing law firms and corporate legal departments to improve efficiency. Our paralegal services extend beyond preparing pleadings, petitions, applications, motions, and appeals. We also provide discovery services for attorneys and law firms for presentation in Civil Courts, Family Courts, Supreme Courts, researching, Mortgage Forensic Audits or Forensic Loan Audits, matters related to real estate and other legal matters.

We Are Your Partners

We have a dedicated team of up to 20 plus paralegals for interrogatories, disclosures, and RFPD, as well as 15 paralegals for document review and deposition summaries. With years of experience in the legal industry, our professionals are bolstered by vast and intricate knowledge of legal proceedings and technicalities, as well as extensive experience in the field.

We are proud partners of some of the top law firms from New York to California, and have been an active part of many prestigious court cases.

Driven by our passion to serve the legal industry and focused on providing our clients with specialized assistance and high-quality paralegal services, we work hard on helping maximize the efficiency and productivity of your firm or legal department.

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