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Datascribe LPO is one of the leading Alternative Legal Services providers in the industry, delivering legal, shared and advisory services from secure centers in Bangalore, India, to top law firms and corporations in the US and Canada. Since 2005, we’ve been successfully providing onsite/onshore and offshore services for our clients across USA, Canada, and India. We’re committed to rendering quality services to our clients. Our processes are driven by a quantitative and process driven approach, ensuring quality work without losing focus on quantity and time.

Why Choose Datascribe?

At Datascribe, we care about your interests and ambitions by offering high-quality legal services at competitive prices.

  • Fast turnaround time with 98% accuracy
  • Multi-jurisdictional experience in various sectors and forums
  • Significant cost savings
  • Scalability – a dedicated team customized for case volume and complexity
  • Transparency and reporting – daily and weekly communication on key activities
  • Robust, statistics-based QA methodology
  • Qualified and experienced attorneys to manage your project
  • Extensive domain expertise to achieve rapid and sustainable cost savings, improve efficiency & minimize risk
Our Team Is Dedicated Towards Helping You Succeed

Our customers seek to gain immense advantage from the expertise of our legal counselors trained in the United States, at low prices.

The Legal Service You Choose Plays An Important Role

Focused on conveying magnificence, Datascribe teams up with customers and helps them turn into superior organizations by assisting in their current legal practice.

We Are Driven By Passion

Over the past few years we’ve joined forces with some of the top legal firms and corporations based in the United States.

Areas of Service


Datascribe invites you to explore the range of services we have to offer, each tailor-made for your needs.

Legal Services

Legal Services

As legal solutions providers, we understand that lawyers and attorneys are ...

litigation support

Litigation Support

As a corporation or a law firm, you may be in search of litigation...

Criminal Law

Immigration Support

Acting as a legal expert in regards to immigration, there are many ...

Medico Legal Services

Medico- Legal Services

Datascribe offers you affordable paralegal services...

Research and Analysis

Research and Analysis

At Datascribe, we offer our clients expert legal research

Secretarial support

Secretarial support

For any organized business setup, a secretarial staff has a crucial ...

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