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What are the correct U.S. Immigrant Visas and Forms for me?

Thinking of moving to the United States and you aren’t sure what the right visa is for you. There are many forms that you can use, but you make sure that you choose the correct one. Don’t worry if this all seems like a complicated process. We will break down the different types of forms and visas that are available for you. We want to ensure that you have the right visa and fill out the correct forms, so you can start your new life in America on the right foot and don’t have any issues with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Fiancé and Marriage Visa

If you are a U.S. citizen and your fiance is not, you can apply for the Fiance and Marriage visa. This visa will allow you to get married within a 90-day time frame since the issue date of your visa. You have to prove that you are both really want to be married and are not doing this for an immigrant benefit. After the 90 days, your new spouse has the opportunity to apply for a green card.

PERM Applications

PERM is the process of obtaining labor certification. The first step required for the green card process for foreign nationals seeking permanent residence through their employment is for them to obtain an approved PERM Labor Certification. The employer of this foreign worker must prove through newspaper or online advertising and other recruiting methods that they were unsuccessful in recruiting a qualified U.S. candidate for a certain position in their company. Also, the employer must be prepared to hire this foreign worker on a full-time and permanent basis. This will demonstrate to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that are able to fully handle this responsibility and that it is not a scam.

Form I-130

With Form I-130 allows an American citizen or a lawful permanent resident to petition for their foreign relative. This will help establish the relationship needed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to allow them to immigrate to the U.S.

Form I-131

With Form I-131 should be used for a re-entry permit to the United States, a refugee travel document, or an advance parole travel document. This will allow this individual to receive U.S. Humanitarian aid.

Form I-140

With Form I-140, a business or business owner is able to petition for a foreign worker to help them establish a permanent resident status in the United States.

Form I-485

With Form I-485, an immigrant can apply for permanent resident status. Also, another option is if they already have a non-immigrant visa, they can switch their immigration status.

Form I-765

With Form I-765, an immigrant can apply for a working permit. This will allow them to legally obtain employment in the United States. Now that you know the forms that you can use to legally enter into the U.S. choose the right form and visa that applies to your situation. Don’t forget to gather all the proper documentation needed for these forms, strictly follow the instructions and answer the questions correctly so there are no issues further down the road. If you need help with filling out the forms or submitting them, feel free to reach out to our Immigration Specialists who are more than happy to help you with this process.