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Blog Writing to Promote Your Business

In modern-day business, it is important for your business website to have a blog. Not only does it increase the size of your website, but the blog serves many purposes for your business such
as promotion, increasing brand awareness and positioning your business to be a thought leader in your industry. It’s imperative for your business to have a blog. We are going to share with you some tips to create a successful blog that will help you promote your business.

Tip #1: Write with your Customers in Mind

When you are developing your content, write with your customers in mind. Put yourself in their shoes. Think about what they would need your business. What problem are you going to solve for them? What valuable insight/advice can you offer them through a blog post? These are the two angles that you can typically write in. This will help you create trust with your customers and increase your chances of them wanting to work with you.

Tip #2: Develop a Plan and Execute

Most blogs tend to fail or aren’t beneficial to a business because they aren’t well planned out or executed. Take the time to really plan out your content. Do the research to see what your
customers valuable content topics you can write about. And don’t forget to execute your blogging plan! Sometimes, things get lost in translation so it’s important to stay on top of things so they do get published.

If you are having a hard time keeping things on a schedule or aren’t the greatest of a writer, then there is always the option to outsource your writing, which our team here at Datascribe is
more than happy to assist you with your blog writing projects.

Tip #3: Word Count Matters

Word count is important. Make sure that your content isn’t too long because people reading content on the internet are most likely to skim read. Stick to a word count in between 400-500 words. It will make sure that you are writing just the important information without the additional fluff.

Tip #4: Make Your Blog Shareworthy

Make sure the content that you create is valuable, engaging, and original that people will want to share on their social media networks. This is a great way to get free advertising and to get your business in front of new readers.

Tip #5: Keep Track of the Metrics

Keep track of the metrics of your blog posts. This will help you to determine what content to write more of. Also, it will help you to know how your blog was discovered by your customers.

No matter how you decide to promote your business with a blog, be sure to original, unique and let your brand speak for itself. This will help you stick out in the crowd on the internet. Datascribe is here to help you with your blog writing needs. Reach out to us today!