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Are you getting better Claim and Personal Injury services from your legal firm?

Many legal firms claim to provide better medico legal services but only a few can actually deliver! Demand for medico-legal services has greatly increased over these years with more firms and individuals considering medical insurances. Insurance companies are failing to deliver their promises due to many reasons, and there is a high need for firms to fill that void.

Datascribe has decades of experience in handling all kinds of medico-legal projects of our clients and enabled them deliver services more effectively. We ensure our clients get comprehensive coverage for all their medico-legal data with high confidentiality and security.

Claims processing

Processing insurance claims is a big challenge as it involves huge data processing and needs sufficient manpower. We understand the demands of claims processing and strive to provide best results at shortest possible time.

Medical summary

We have a team of medico-legal professionals who have vast experience in preparing quality medical summaries and chronologies for legal firms working on injury, malpractice and tort cases. A good medical summary should highlight on all important details of medical information such as cause, prognosis, impairment, and future medical requirements. Also known as medical record reviews, chronologies, or timelines, they are of great value in pre-litigation settlements and during trials.

  • Medical records reorganization/indexing
  • Personal injury claims
  • Evidence packs (collation and bundling)
  • Annotated medical summary
  • Narrative medical summary
  • SOAP summary and synopsis
  • Medical Tab Updates and Summary in case management tools
  • Customized medical summary for medical malpractice/torts cases
  • Privilege log for medical records coming under purview of confidentiality
  • Itemized medical billing summaries
  • Medical research and documentation to assist personal injury cases
  • Medical summary and analysis of defendant’s claim

Datascribe enables firms to develop informed synopsis for projects irrespective of size. We have a superb track record of completing time-sensitive projects overnight. We have multishore project capabilities with flexibility to complete the projects under tight schedules.

Contact us to know more about our services and discuss your company requirement.