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Are you a law or litigation support firm or a corporation looking for efficient and cost-effective litigation support?

With increased corporate agreements, violations, financial transactions, IT or other thefts, and heightened human interactions the need for a good litigation support system has increased. But no one can reject the fact that the cost of accessing those services has also increased exponentially. Many firms and individuals are able to identify ways to get litigation support services at cheapest rates.

Datascribe is your destination where a trusted legal support system works on your legal documents at an astonishing speed and accuracy and delivers surprising results! We are your overseas partners who work on your crucial data and enable your businesses to run smoothly. Get e-discovery services from an expert and secure your legal data, cost effectively.

Document Coding

Every legal document prepared by our litigation support company is a record of transactions, agreements and evidences waiting to be explored. We strictly maintain confidentiality for your documents and leave no pages unturned to extract key elements that can win arguments for you. Our expert attorney's corporation service have vast experience working on offline and online litigation coding projects for world clients. Document coding is one of the key areas in which we excel.

Document Review

Maintaining legal records in an electronic format is very essential for any business, because legal documents are important evidences. Unlike paper documents they allow easy duplication and secure storage, consume less space, and are not easily destructible. When it comes to document reviewing e-discovery can get expensive and time consuming. Our litigation support services company have an efficient team that has vast experience in working on various e-Discovery platforms of varying dimensions and timelines with exceptional quality.

We provide services in the following areas:

  • First level review (relevance and privilege)
  • Nuanced review (issues-based)
  • Chronologies
  • Identification of gaps in disclosure
  • Witness statements
  • Evidence packs (collation and bundling)
  • Objective coding for indexing of key information as per client specification
  • In-text coding and indexing of information
  • Scanning (onshore)
  • Logical document unionization
  • Load file creation
  • Training (coding manual and specifications)
  • Web-based coding/online data capture

Benefits of Datascribe services

  • Fast turnaround time with 98% accuracy
  • Multi-jurisdictional experience in various sectors and forums
  • Significant cost savings
  • Scalability – a dedicated team customized to the complexity and volume in each case
  • Transparency and reporting – daily and weekly communication on key activities
  • High-quality candidates with extensive experience
  • Robust, statistics-based QA methodology
  • Coordinated collection and scanning of paper documents
  • Overnight service return for time-sensitive projects (dependent on time zone)
  • Over 5 years of experience in paper coding projects
  • Qualified and experienced attorneys to manage your project
  • Extensive domain expertise to achieve rapid and sustainable cost savings, improve efficiency and minimize risk

Datascribe is your final destination for all Document coding and Review needs!

Contact us to know more about our services and discuss about your company’s requirement.